Senior Manager - Actuarial Delivery Services

  • Mumbai
  • Confidential
  • 10-16 years
  • 17 Sep 2015

  • Operations

  • Financial Services/ Capital Markets
Job Description

Knowledge / Expertise / Foresight :

* Sound understanding and knowledge of the UK Pensions landscape and benefits solutions market
* Ability to connect such knowledge and assess potential business impact on the business as well as various market participants Delivery Management
* Substantive experience with operationalizing and managing a team of actuarial professionals - ideally a team of 10+
* Significant understanding and clarity of actuarial delivery process related and key levers impacting the quality of service
* Contemplate and weigh multiple structures to facilitate delivery of actuarial support services and make recommendations on an optimal structure * Look to stabilize attrition in team and also look at team composition
* Identify ways and means to improve quality and representation of quality - either technically or with enhanced communication People Management
* Review people practices and come up with a plan to address team concerns/feedback
* Identifying, facilitating and developing high/medium potential individuals and develop plans to mould into a talent pool
* Ideate, diligence and prescribe/recommend a viable career progression path for team members
* Also think through training requirements of team members and articulate/impress upon stakeholders the need for investment in this area as appropriate Stakeholder Management * Articulate benefits to the business as a result of recommendations and suggest organizational enablers
* Develop greater connect with the consulting actuaries on the ground in the UK
* Proactively represent KS/Actuarial in the monthly delivery exec and set the agenda for Mumbai's contribution in 2015-16 and beyond with stakeholder buy-in Qualities / Traits Sought
* Willingness to question efficacy of the current process and periodically revisit how things are working as well as willing to make adjustments
* Receptiveness to feedback as well as ability to action on this in a prompt manner
* Developing, adapting and revising best practices that are easy to understand and follow
* Possess sound thinking capability and demonstrates sound judgement
* Ability to look ahead at least 6 months with respect to business planning, set goals and work backwards in fleshing out plan & ensuring implementation
* Motivate employees - specifically, a) developing and formulating tactics to maintain interest b) initiating stretch projects that provide greater long term development potential c) translate the KS vision as it relates to Actuarial Delivery
* Be an active contributor in the Actuarial Delivery Exec and KS Execs, as well as other such forums - increase visibility and profile

Technical Skills

* Strong quantitative and analytical skills with ability to translate data into meaningful insights
* Demonstrated track record with respect to managing service delivery as well as people management
* Ability to question the objective of an exercise and prod away diligently/incrementally whenever ideas occur
* Intermediate to advanced skills in MS-Excel will be an added advantage.

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