Senior Consultant- Capacity Building

NISG ( National Institute For Smart Government)
  • Delhi
  • Confidential
  • 12-16 years
  • 30 Jul 2015

  • HR/ Human Resources

  • BPO/ ITES/ Call Centers
Job Description

Job Objective

The job holder will be part of the CBMC team with responsibility for managing capacity building activities for NeGD and under CB II.

The role would include responsibility in areas like design and management of Capacity building processes, systems and other administrative functions for Government employees, developing and implementing capacity building and change management initiatives.

The Job Holder will assist the Head CBMC to position NeGD as a performance focused organization by driving role clarity and accountability across the organization

Primary Responsibilities:

Design and Monitor of HR Policy regarding Capacity Building
Design and monitor implementation of HR policy such as Virtual Cadre, Competency framework , e-Gov Academy etc.
Oversee design of related HR policies and ensure their implementation and compliance
Funds Management
Provide inputs towards development of CB budget in coordination with other agencies and States/UT teams,monitor and control the CB funds utilization.
Provide up to date status of fund utilization under the scheme.

Change Management

Devises the change management strategy and creates and implements change management plans that minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement. Identifies potential people-side risks and anticipated points of resistance and develops specific plans to mitigate or address the concerns for NeGD and States/UTs as per NeGP and CB II
Develop a generic Change Management Framework for e Governance initiatives that can be used by the States in developing their individual Change Management Frameworks in synchronization with national level initiatives
Oversee and monitor various change management activities in various states and departments and support them through SeMTs in effective change management

Capacity Building of Central Line Ministries , Sates/UTs

Develop Capacity for building capability in States/UTs for e-Governance.
Leverage Learning Management System (LMS) and Knowledge Management System(KMS) to reach out to large official base in the Central Line Ministries Sates/UTs in a cost effective manner by developing an appropriate strategy and implementing appropriate systems to the effect

Develops training policy in line with the Government training policy. Plans and ensures budget for the training activities; Identifies and recommends various models of delivery of training to different groups of stakeholders including in-house and in sourced/ outsourced models
Manage and monitor the capacity building initiatives for the Central Line Ministries Sates/UTs to ensure its effectiveness.
Co-ordinate with other Domain experts like LMS, e-GCF, KMS etc for rolling out LMS,e-GCF and KMS.
Training & Development Planning of NeGD
Manage the overall training & development for NeGD employees including developing training guidelines and training budget, facilitating and monitoring training design and delivery, engaging external experts, vendors and trainers for effective training design and delivery in line with the NeGP
CB Scheme
Monitor the implementation of CB II Scheme in the country including utilization of allocated budgets, obtaining future fund requirements etc.
Develop policy and implementation guidelines around the CB scheme for furthering the understanding of the same among the States and provide ongoing clarifications to states on CB scheme implementation
Track the Wet leasing of personnel from empanelled organizations for SeMT
Track the functioning of SeMT and ensure that it is able to suitably meet the Capacity Building requirements of the state government in implementation of NeGP.
Coordinate with central training institutes/state training institutes and other agencies.

Desired Competencies:

Leadership Ability to achieve results through people by encouraging, inspiring and motivating individuals and teams to give their best and create a positive impact on the work culture. It also includes ability to resolve conflicts and channelize energy of the team to meet/ exceed targets as well as ensuring the development of subordinates.
Decision Making Ability to make timely decisions within limits of authority after due consideration of all available information and resources and weighing priorities. It includes the ability of calculated risk taking and taking ownership of decisions.
Result Orientation Ability to do ones own work well against a standard of excellence and raising the bar based on his/ her past performance or on performance of others. Ability to demonstrate persistence and a strong personal belief to succeed despite obstacles. Ability to display ownership and initiative, by doing more than required or is expected to be done in the job, doing things that no one has requested which will improve job results,avoid problems, or help create new opportunities

Impact Influence Ability to influence the thought process of others to enlist their support by effective management of relationships and convincing through persuasion. It also includes giving forceful reasons and negotiating with others to accomplish a particular agenda.
Customer & Stakeholder Management Underlying desire and understanding of the importance of proactively identifying and satisfying implicit and explicit needs of customers/stakeholders. It includes the ability to build and maintain long term relationships. The customer/stakeholder may be an external/internal customer, vendors, agencies and State & Central Governments/Ministries.
Problem Solving Ability to systematically think through work related issues and their constituent parts. It is the ability to identify links and relationship between various parts of work related issues and prioritize the same. Also the ability to anticipate problems and prepare contingency plans to manage crisis situations.
Strategic Orientation Ability of having the big picture perspective, the ability of being able to assess long term implications of what is being done today and articulate strategies that need to be adopted / designed to achieve long term goals.
Personal Effectiveness Ability to inspire others by displaying qualities of a role model - such as self-belief/ confidence, interpersonal sensitivity, transparency and openness, mutual trust and integrity. Also includes the virtue of investing in self development to reach greater professional heights. Also includes an understanding of others behavior and adaptation of own approach/ strategy accordingly.
Planning & Organizing Ability to plan and schedule a series of interlinked activities to achieve the larger goals and objectives. Also includes an ability to anticipate potential issues that might arise and develop contingency plans to take care of the same.
Understanding of Finance Basic Knowledge of budgeting & accounting at a macro level.

12 -16 years of experience in diverse Capacity building roles
4/5 years of experience in any of the following roles
Handling Training & Development( Capacity Building ) function preferably in an IT setup
Experience of working in a government set up/PSU will be desirable
Experience of having led a change management initiative will be desirable

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