Head - PIVG ( Performance Information and Value Management )

  • Mumbai, Navsari
  • Confidential
  • 10-17 years
  • 25 Sep 2015

  • Senior Management-Finance

  • Financial Services/ Capital Markets, Banking - Corporate
Job Description


. Compliance, monitoring and reporting of various exposure norms stipulated by RBI on the following:

- Exposure to single borrower and borrower groups at standalone Bank level and consolidated Bank level.
- Exposure to sensitive sectors like capital market exposure, real estate exposure
- Exposure to a particular Industry at prudential level
- Reporting of return on large credit exposure (RLC)
- Return on Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC)
- Intra-group exposures
- Long tenor exposure to borrower groups
- Exposure to NBFCs, hire purchase, leasing, factoring
- Exposure towards overseas acquisition finance and joint ventures wholly own subsidiaries abroad

. Reporting the composition industry wise outstanding advances of the standalone Bank and consolidated Bank for publishing in various reports like Annual report, Prospectus, Bond issue document (domestic and international), Form 20F filed with SEC, USA and other offer documents.

. Reporting of sectoral and industry wise bank credit (SIBC return) to the monetary policy department of RBI on fortnightly basis in time. Reporting of advances to priority sector (PSL return) to RBI.

. Reporting of information on real estate exposure, capital market exposure, industry wise advances, sector wise advances, advances to infrastructure sector, advances to Banks, large credit exposure, country risk exposure, exposure to subsidiaries, connected lending etc. in the DSB return to RBI.

. Reporting of various exposure and outstanding related information to RBI in the Risk Based Supervision (RBS) data requirement on a quarterly basis.

. ADF: Working as a core team member, towards automation of various returns leading to the generation of the required information directly from the base systems. Actively participate in other automation related projects undertaken by the Bank.

. Budgeting and planning the loan asset portfolio at Bank level to ensure there is no loss of business to the Bank. Validating the proposals of various business groups for incremental sanctions of any exposure. Variance analysis of the budgeted numbers with the actual numbers and report to the top management.

. Compilation and reporting of various information (1) for standard asset provisioning like advances to commercial real estate, advances to NBFCs-ND-SI, advances to MSMEs etc. (2) for computation of capital adequacy ratio like exposure to commercial real estate sector, exposure to capital market sector, exposure and advances to NBFCs-N-SI, advances to state and central govt., advances to banks etc.

. Compilation and reporting of various information for the disclosures in the financial statements of the Bank like concentration of exposures, concentration of advances, disclosure on sector-wise NPAs, intra group exposures and sector wise advances for disclosure in the schedules to the balance sheet.

. Monitoring and reporting of RBI prescribed investment limit on para-banking activities (i.e. investment in subsidiaries, financial services companies and non-financial services companies).

. Compilation and reporting of data on eligible credit on fresh issuance of long term infra bonds by the Bank.

. Checking for errors during processing or data compilation by performing random checks, cross-check with GL balances and compare with reports of the previous periods and seeking the reasons for variations.

. Timely escalation of delays/inconsistencies to senior management and others.

. Liaising with RBI authorities, statutory auditors and the Bank's Compliance group for resolution of interpretation issues.

. Understanding and analyzing the impact of new guidelines or modifications to existing guidelines issued by RBI and implementation of the new policies and guidelines to ensure compliance to the internal and regulatory norms.

. Handling internal and external audit queries pertaining to above job responsibilities.

. Attending the ad-hoc queries from RBI/management/auditors from time to time. Directly interacting with the RBI officials for any clarification or data issues.

. Documenting the processes undertaken at PIVG and getting them approved from the Process Approving Committee. Preparation of document for all the existing processes for the purpose of 'Level 3' certification. Level 3 is an internal certification of the Bank, which is laid on ISO standards.

. Compliance with SOX requirements for the details given in the financial statements of the Bank.

Female candidate only.

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