RIverForest Connections Private Limited
  • Toronto
  • 15-25 lakh
  • 15-20 years
  • 16 Sep 2015

  • Marketing

  • FMCG/ Foods/ Beverages
Job Description

DIRECTOR - Marketing - Toronto, Canada

This position is at a CXO level responsible for all strategic and tactical marketing and communication activities to help grow sales and profitability. Ensure strategic positioning of brands.

Reports into the PRESIDENT & CEO for the Geography.

"Strategic and Financial Perspective"

Direct 's overall marketing and strategic planning initiatives
Design, implement, and facilitate annual marketing plan for the market
Plan, implement and monitor the annual marketing budget in liaison with other Directors, controlling expenditure and producing regular reports, Planning and Scheduling Perspective

Decide Marketing policy for

For sale of brands, both domestic and exports
For sale of products both domestic and institutional
Guide retail marketing efforts of
Develop, implement and evaluate the marketing strategy, working closely with departmental heads to set priorities
Responsible for the delivery, implementation and monitoring of marketing and communications materials in support of campaigns including print, digital content, web, social media and press/media relations
Be responsible for all advertisements and listings information, directing the design, copy and placement
Oversee the content, production and distribution of all press releases
Maintain and develop websites and social media, and monitor their effectiveness
Develop media profile, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through building good relationships with press
Monitor and evaluate the 's actual and potential markets, working with marketing team to identify target markets; devise and implement strategies to reach them
Maintain all database systems, to develop effective communication strategies
Provide statistical and other data relating to the organization's activities, producing reports as required
Facilitate handling and addressing customer complaints
To control the Marketing and Communications budget and meet agreed targets
Explore possibility of new product development and/or new market development
Develop buyers for increasing export market of the company

People Perspective

Ensure proper training and development of sales and marketing staff
Ensure effective communication with other departments and functions
Direct and lead the marketing and communications team, developing individual performance


"Marketing and Sales team; Senior Management; Finance; and Administration" External "Media Customers Suppliers, Buyers"


Qualifications / Experience

Post Graduate Degree/MBA (2 years) with 15 years experience or Post Graduate Certification - Diploma (1 year) with 20 years experience in Marketing.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

"Devising and implementing marketing and communications plans
Marketing and communications campaign planning and implementation using a variety of marketing tactics including print and e-based communications media
Knowledge of the FMCG industry"

Personal Competencies

"Selling skills
Negotiation skills
Interpersonal skills"


"Increase in business productivity, PBIDT, Market Cap, National Network Management,
Increase in brand value - volume of sales, Market Research Scores,
Achievement of targets
Efficient use of allocated budget"

SPAN OF CONTROL - Supervisory Role - 12 Direct Reports

Manager Marketing, Manager Brands, Manager Advertising, Manager Merchandize, Manager Promotions, Manager - On Line Markets, Manager Social Media, Manager OMNI Channels, Manager Global Markets, Manager Marketing Communication, Manager Research.

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