Director - Credit Administration

  • Mumbai, Navi Mumbai
  • Confidential
  • 13-23 years
  • 30 Mar 2015

  • Senior Management-Operation

  • Banking - Retail
Job Description

Post sanction activities and documentation
Preparation, execution of documentation, security creation and safekeeping in custody thereof. Deviations, if any, to be approved detegated authority.( Any amendments in standard documentation / change in terms of sanction/ change in scope of project to be taken up by Relationship Manager for approval from the delegated authority.)
Issue of Letter of Intent/ Sanction Letter to the borrower as per the sanctioned terms.
Vetting of documents by empanelled advocate.
Filing of charge with ROC within stipulated time.
Preparing the checklist for recording of terms and conditions for sanction after obtaining the comments of the sanctioning authority for any deviations and the check- list to be maintained along with the documents.

Preparation of Disbursement Notes.
Disbursement of facilities after completion of documentation/security creation.
Ensure the proper approval is taken, if disbursement are made pending documentation/ compliance of conditions and/or security and/or pending compliance of any PDCs (pre Disbursement Condition) and recording the same in check list and taking sign off from Regional Head.
Limit/account set-up/ Modification in System.

Advise CAPG for any disbursement through CFS system and also the appropriation of any amount received in the account.
Valuation of security/ Stock Audit as per terms of Sanction.
Conducting Unit/Plant Inspection, if required in consultation with BH (primary responsibility with Relationship Manager).
Recovery of processing fees/up front fee/TRA fee/ Landerss Agent fee/Legal fee/Facility Agent fee and any other fees as per terms of sanction.
Day to day follow-up/ monitoring of TOD, Excess drawls/ overdue.etc.
Follow up with Trade Finance/ Treasury department and monitor regularization of overdue bills/ devolved LCs & BGs, negative market feedback, stipulated Covenants and excesses in the derivative limits. In addition, follow up to be made obtaining underlying for derivative deals.
To support Relationship Manager in monitoring of restructured/CDT proposals.
Obtaining of search report on annual basis, preferably before renewal of the limit.

Monitoring i.e DP stock/Receivable/ QIS/FFR/ Cash flow statement.
Updation of stock statement, DP updation, security updation, security Register Maintenance, collateral Updation,system updation at all levels i.e Account level and limit level, with regards to date of sanction, expiry and review of account, inspection conducted, insurance details, SRM updation, documents, industry etc. Updation of relevant data pertaining to Directors/ Guarantors for CIBIL submission.
Follow up for Review/Renewal of credit facilities with RMs/ROs
Insurance of the asset charged to the Bank.
Follow up for inspection of the assets.
Covenants updation/monitoring as prescribed in the sanction.
End-use monitoring.
Generation of various Credmin Reportsfor Overdues (including CFS) , Account Renewal, Insurance/ Inspections falling due etc.
Obtaining Balance Confirmation Certificate (to co-ordinate with CAPG also) .
Preparation of Credit Review sheet for account renewals.
EODs stipulated at the time of the sanction are to be monitored/ analyses periodically & reports submitted to the competent authority in case of any deviations/triggers.
To initiate alerts fro interest rate resets falling due and forward the same to RMs/ ROs for futher necessary action.

Submission of Credmin Compliance Certificate (CCC) jointly with Branch Head along with relevant reports from Trade Finance (Who monitor non-fund exposures and Treasury Forwards ) and Operations, to RH/CMG
Maintaining database of sanctions ,stock statement, insurance, inspection,QIS, documentation validity, etc.
Preparation of statutory and regulatory returns.
Generation of MIS.

Overdue Accounts
Closely monitor all overdue cases. The prime responsibility for follow up of overdues would b with RM/Credmin Officers.

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