Data Scientist & Product Manager - NLP Scientist

CareerNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bangalore
  • Confidential
  • 3-8 years
  • 10 Sep 2015

  • Project/ Program Management IT

  • IT/ Technology - Software/ Services
Job Description

Responsibilities :

- Break down a business problem into smaller components and implement ML/NLP approaches to achieve the maximum accuracy.

- Work with others to select the appropriate model for the data provided, resolve various shortcomings of the models such as over fitting, high error rate, poor F1 scores etc.

- Read literature and come with out of the box solutions for hard problems.

Desired skills and experience :

- Strong NLP skills which include Language Modelling, POS tagging, PCFG, Named Entity Recognition, Co reference Resolution, Question Answering.

- Hands on and good understanding of various classification techniques such as Clustering, Logistic Regression, CRFs, MEMM, Neural Networks, SVMs, Decision Trees.

- Hands on experience of various IR methods including Data Pre processing, Similarity Measures, Tf-Idf, Ranked Retrieval, Indexing.

- Knowledge of linear algebra and dimensional reduction algorithms such as PCA, Locality Sensitive Hashing, Auto encoders.

- Programming experience in Java or Python or both is a must.

- Strong interpersonal and communication skills: ability to tell a clear, concise, actionable story to the folks across various levels of the company.

Nice to have skills :

- Knowledge of optimization techniques like L-BFGS, Gradient Descend, NM method, Back propagation etc and when to use which one.

- Experience of working with large amount of data using any of the following Spark, Storm, Hadoop, Mlib, Mahout.

- Knowledge of Deep Learning techniques Autoencoders, Stacked RBMs, RNNs, CNNs etc and libraries like Theano, Torch, CuDNN, deeplearning4j, Caffe etc

- Working experience of R, Matlab or Octave.

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