Chief Security Officer - Ex Army/Defence - FMCG

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  • Haridwar
  • Confidential
  • 10-15 years
  • 19 Feb 2015

  • Senior Management/ General Management

  • FMCG/ Foods/ Beverages
Job Description

Our client is one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market capitalization of over US $ 30 billion and a turnover of US $ 8 billion. It is rated among the World's Best Big Companies, Asia's 'Fab 50' and the World's Most Reputable Companies by Forbes magazine. It has a very diversified product portfolio and a portfolio of strong brands and leading market shares in all product categories. It employs the best talent in India and is one of the best FMCG employers to work with.

Function : Security

Role : Complex Security Officer

Reporting to: Complex HRM

Special Remarks : Should be ex-serviceman

Preferable Age : 35- 45 yrs

Experience: 10-15 years

Purpose of Job: To provide safe and secure working environment inside the entire Haridwar complex. Analyzing the security related problems and proactively finding the cause and solutions for the same.

Job Profile:

- Handle security of the whole complex spread in around 65 acres.

- Handle a team of 5 Asstt. Security Officers and around 180 security guards.

- Do security planning of the whole complex and ensure safe material movement, man movement.

- Fire safety co-ordinator of the complex. To ensure Fire safety and Fire fighting training inside the entire complex.

- To implement security procedures and conduct security training and monitoring security system.

- Handle medical emergency and security related issue.

- Maintain relationship with Police and other government agencies.

- Initiate, coordinate and analyze security incident investigations and record keeping for completeness.

Primary Focus:

- Security & safety Company's property and business.

Significant Internal Linkages & Nature:

Production Department, Commercial Department, Engineering Department and Human Resources Department for :

- Visitors

- Communication from workers

- Entry/ Exit of workers

- Waste materials, removal of scrap, garbage, etc.

- Conservancy

- Maintenance/ cleanliness of compound, toilets, offices, canteen, etc.

- Fire fighting

Purpose of Job & Basic Functions:

- To be vigilant all the time for safety and security of Company's property, including Godowns, Materials, Product and business, etc.

- Environmental intelligence.

- To keep fire fighting equipment and squad always in readiness to combat any fire hazard.

- To check all incoming and outgoing vehicles, all materials, and men for any irregularities.

- Upkeep / cleaning of compound, toilets, offices, canteen, etc.

- Should know and assist all common visitors and VIPs.

Results Expected:

- No theft/ pilferage of Company's property.

- There should be no fire in the factory compound or godowns but in the event of any fire it must be effectively dealt with minimum losses to Company's property.

- To ensure that no unauthorised person or vehicle enters the factory.

- To contain his expenses (for services) within agreed budgets.


- Fire fighting drills.

- Deployment of watchmen and Assistant Security Officers.


- Entry/ Exit of workers, vehicles, contract labourers, visitors, etc.

- Maintenance of fire equipments and fire fighting drills.

- Removal of scrap garbage etc.

- Cleaning of compound, offices, canteen, toilets, conservancy.

- Interaction with all functions on security matters.


- His Assistant Security Officers on routine security matters.

- Workmen on Time-Keeping.


- Fire

- Theft / pilferage

- Misuse of Company's property

- Expenses on services

- Discipline

Human Resources & Development:

- Manpower planning and succession plans for the Assistant Security Officers and watchmen.

External Linkages:

- Local police station - for law and order.

- Fire Brigade - for emergency assistance.

- Hospitals - for accidents/ urgent medical attention.

- Social/ Political workers - for environmental intelligence.

Limit of Authority:

- In event of fire, he should organise to combat fire before informing the fire master.

- Restrict entry to unauthorised visitors/ vehicles, etc.

Person Specification:

Knowledge Required:

- Should have knowledge of firefighting operations, security measures.

- Should know and have contact with significant personnel in the environment including Police Officials, local councilors, etc.

- Should have knowledge of various activities in the factory which result in ingress or egress of men, material, etc.

- Time keeping procedures in the factory.

- Basic knowledge of disciplinary procedure/ Factory Standing Orders in the factory.

Skills Required:

- Should have skill in gathering environmental intelligence.

- Should have the ability to deal with emergencies in a calm manner.

- Interpersonal skills.


- Must not be allergic to smell, dust or noise.

- Thoroughly fit and active, male.


Should preferably be an ex-defence Commissioned officer / ex-police personnel.


- Should possess a strong sense of integrity.

- Fluent in English and Hindi.

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