COO - Mobile Financial Services

  • lagos
  • Confidential
  • 18-28 years
  • 24 Apr 2016

  • Senior Management-Operation

  • IT/ Technology - Software/ Services
Job Description

Job Objective:

Oversee product and service delivery across organization, on time, on quality and within budget.

Performance Areas:

1. Service delivery
a. Product/service delivery (up-time/service availability, customer satisfaction, etc.)
b. Cost management. Delivery on the cost of goods sold, software development costs and other non sales and marketing cost lines.

2. Software development.

a. Delivery on software requirements
b. Development of in house software team
c. Bring in house, ownership of transaction platform

3. Revenue cycle and cash management

a. Co-ordinate the overall end product delivery and revenue cycle management
b. Financial and organizational cash flow management

4. Board Administration and Support

a. Ensuring that strong strategic and annual planning processes are in place to produce effective plans for approval by the Board.
b. Prepare reports and presentations for board and steering committee meetings.

5. Corporate Development

a. Monitor organization performance against performance goals to ensure progress and take necessary corrective action as necessary
b. Employing corporate policy and procedures
c. Have full understanding of client business and challenges within the industry
d. Implementing Corporate process improvements
e. Planning strategically and globally towards organizational development

6. Program, Product and Service Delivery

a. Direct, review and approve product design and changes
b. Developing and maintaining effective strategic relationships with key stakeholders including distributors, regulatory bodies, customers and partners.
c. Responsible for day-to-day management of operations, including financial, and project management
d. Plan and direct the different company's activities towards the achievement of both strategic and operational objectives
e. Develop, establish, and direct execution of operating policies to support strategic objectives

7. Financial, Tax, Risk and Facilities Management
a. Ensuring that all financial and non-financial reporting requirements are met on a timely and regular basis.
b. Direct short-term as well as long-range planning and budget development to support strategic goals
c. Manage profitability and financial aspects of the companies
d. Direct resource allocation decisions to best support the mission

1. In house capability and on time delivery on key software development, including inhouse ownership of transactions platform.
2. Effective and fully working financial process for delivery of customer payments to primary health care providers.
3. Effective organizational and financial reporting system and control of expenditure against budget
4. 99% platform availability on transactions platform, with SLAs in place and capability to track downtime.
5. Customer relationship management system and complaints resolution process in place, with high level of resolution.
6. On time delivery on top 3 organizational projects for the year.
Reporting relationships
Board level membership, reports to CEO

Skill requirements/background:

1. Experience leading a team of professionals in a technology/software environment
2. Experience in delivering technology/remote services
3. General management responsibility with overall budget and people responsibility

Must have the experience in Moble Bankig /Mobile Financial Services..

( Please note candidates from IT Infrastructure background need not to apply for this position)