Chief Marketing Officer/ CMO

Fuerza Retail Pvt Ltd
  • Hyderabad
  • Confidential
  • 8-15 years
  • 13 Aug 2015

  • Strategic planning, Senior Management-Marketing

  • Retail, Internet/ ECommerce
Job Description

The CMO, eCommerce & Site Experience is responsible to deliver a best-in-class digital experience (creative, content, customer experience) across all digital properties -- site, tablet and mobile. Responsible for developing and executing a strategy that maximizes consumer acquisition and satisfaction and ensures the brand vision is consistently executed to drive measurable, higher conversion. This role reports to the Chief Digital Marketing Officer.


This role has end-to-end digital property (site, tablet, and mobile) accountability from UX to SEO, eCommerce, A/B testing strategy to analytics and performance.
* Oversee delivery of, and ensure, high quality online content
* Personalize the user experience
* Develop local elements within the UX to capitalize on local buying trends
* Manage campaign specific creative, content and organic marketing
* Monitor site performance, daily, identify patterns for competitive positioning and leverage data and customer insights to make data-driven changes in overall programs
* Responsible for site analytics/customer behavior KPIs for desktop, mobile & tablet; understand nuances of how to drive demand across all devices
* Full SEO management -- on page, technical, links, content, URL structure, etc. -- in partnership with a leading agency
* eCommerce management -- offer testing, lead conversion, purchase path/navigation, conversion analysis
* Partner with colleagues in market research, analytics, finance, sales, ops, and closely align with agency partners to deliver on desired outcomes.


* Education -- Bachelor's degree required; MBA or related Master's Degree preferred.
* Professional Experience -- 8+ years of experience in digital marketing -- retail/telecom industries a plus (direct marketing experience preferred). 5+ years' experience in UX strategy and design; innate understanding of consumer-focused digital experiences across site and digital with particularly strong site UX experience. Must demonstrate a clean, polished design aesthetic coupled with a passion for pixel perfection, consistency and usability while balancing shifting priorities and demands. Experience with CMS, Sitecore preferred. Ability to innovate change through visionary thinking combined with a successful track record for high volume business growth with bottom-line focus.


* Self-Starter/Initiator: Initiates action in order to accomplish goals or develop self without explicit instructions. Proactive in seeking out new responsibilities and activities without explicit instructions. Initiates prompt action in order to accomplish goals or objectives.
* Adaptable/Flexible: Responds positively to change by embracing and using new practices; adjusts behaviors or methods when necessary to achieve objectives. Responds positively to change, uses new systems to achieve objectives and solve problems. Leads others through change.
* Approachable Expertise: Exhibits accessible job knowledge to perform role and train or partner with others. Demonstrates the necessary skills and abilities to perform at a high level. Understands the company's purpose and strategies; actively partners with and enables others in their pursuit of results.
* Positive Energy: Displays positivity and enthusiasm in order to drive results and positively influence others. Achieves results with positivity and enthusiasm. Maintains a "can-do" mindset.
* Honesty/Integrity: Is direct and truthful in personal and professional actions. Wins the right way, is able to admit to mistakes. Respects confidentiality.
* Humility: Sees others as equals; focused on team and business achievement above personal achievement. Goes above and beyond to accomplish objectives without expecting reward or recognition. Understands no job is beneath you in order to get the job done.
* Active Listener: Ability to listen patiently and carefully to others by giving them your full attention. Understands others' perspectives and ideas. Avoids distractions when engaged in conversation.
* Intellectual Horsepower: Displays brainpower which aids in the understanding and solving of complex problems and concepts. Has deep and broad intellectual capability which allows him/her to solve complex problems in areas beyond his/her direct responsibility. Is cerebrally sharp, capable, and agile.
* Grit: Strives to work hard and exceed expectations; does not give up in the face of challenge. Consistently and constantly strives to exceed expectations or goals. Actively works to overcome obstacles by changing strategies, exerting more effort, or using multiple approaches.
* Team Player: Contributes to team success by pulling weight and supporting other team members.
* Committed to team and the company success ahead of personal goals. Advances the success of the entire team by helping, developing, and supporting team members.
* Data and Metrics Capable: Uses data to continuously improve success and performance. Understands the use of data and KPI's to set and track goals. Understands the use of basics such as averages, means, and data trending to interpret data.
* Critical Thinker/Problem-Solver: Demonstrates the ability to analyze, synthesize, and apply information in order to solve problems. Evaluates information in order to formulate solutions to problems. Weighs the strengths and weaknesses of options in order to recommend the best solution.
* Accountable: Takes responsibility for all actions; follows through on commitments. Takes responsibility for all actions. Follows through; keeps commitments in all professional and personal areas.
Communicator: Ability to effectively communicate and engage others through verbal and written communication. Able to clearly express ideas and directions. Can influence and engage others.

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