Chief Marketing Officer/ GM - Marketing (Chain of Schools)

Grandeur Recruitment Consultants
  • Mumbai
  • 20-40 lakh
  • 10-20 years
  • 27 Jan 2015

  • Sales & Marketing, Marketing

  • Education/ Training
Job Description

1.Candidates with B2C exposure

2. Candidates from Middle level organizations

3. Candidate should have hands on experience, who can roll up the sleeves and deliver.

4. Should be able to handle elements of transactional marketing and Sales and Marketing strategy.

5. Ability to devise conducive strategy with limited budgets

6. Developing strategy on Business Development, Marketing , Brand Management & CRM and implementation of the same.

7. Preferable sectors - Telecom, Retail, Education, Entertainment ( non- distribution model).

8. Ability to deliver in non-structured environment and maintain focus.

Primary Purpose:

Be a lead catalyst and thought leader for organization's sales and marketing operations and drive organizations' S&M strategy from conceptualization to execution, thereby enabling the organization to expand its business horizon with its existing as well as new customer base and realize its growth potential.

Key Account-abilities/Activities:

Sales and Marketing Strategy: (20%)
* Conceptualize an effective sales and marketing strategy encompassing all elements from lead generation, brand management, campaign execution - planning to closure, for all centers of the organization in an integrated manner entailing different competencies/offerings of the organization.
* Map potential market segments in line with organizational competencies and conceptualize a go to market for the same in consultation with the center/Zonal heads.
* Conceptualize an implement an integrated marketing framework encompassing all organizational competencies/USPs and thereby create an execution plan for the same through chosen media options including social media.
* Map the ongoing lead generation processes and conceptualize strategy to augment the outcome.
* Effectively map and conceptualize the improvement road map for a 15% YOY improvement in customer conversions.
* Lead and catalyze center specific sales plan in line with integrated organizational sales strategy.
* Map the ongoing brand management process and conceptualize steps to optimize/augment its effectiveness.
* Conceptualize a process of opportunity classification and prioritization thus maximizing revenues from sales efforts.
* Strategize steps to leverage more out of current PR/Media alliances and steps to garner newer alliances basis dynamic market/center environments.
* Conceptualize steps/interventions to create and sustain a dynamic environment that fosters and motivates high performance amongst sales and relationship teams.

Sales Competency Enhancement: (15%)
* Effectively augment the selling competencies with vertical sales teams as well as relationship management teams of the organization through internal and external interventions.
* Effectively augment the selling competencies of the center based relationship teams by creating an integrated knowledge management framework using internal and external interventions.
* Augment consultative selling competencies of event management teams enabling them to leverage existing parent/corporate/client relationships.

Sales and Marketing Strategy Execution: (35%)
* Effectively implement he go-to-market strategy as per the integrated marketing along with Center and Zonal leads thus maximizing the efforts from the sales efforts.
* Monitor and support vertical sales plans in line with organizational sales strategy.
* Effectively manage S &M budget to optimize per conversion spend for all S & M engagements.
* Effectively execute the marketing strategy and lead the marking efforts through conferences, social media, SEO, web events and other on B to C field channels.
* Execute lead generation strategy to maximize qualified leads for respective centers.
* Effectively track all ATL & BTL engagements and optimize efforts to maximize results for sales efforts.
* Effectively work with center teams to track opportunities rigorously thus minimizing any potential drops.
* Work with alliance partners/subsidiaries and take steps to leverage the relationships to maximize mutual gains.
* Work with corporate, B 2 B account management team and guide them to generate winning solutions to maximize gains from such relationships.
* Augment Brand management efforts by guiding team on market segmentation and putting requisite branding strategy in place to drive higher qualified leads.
* Timely and effectively execute all elements branding/Media/PR/Advertizing plan of the organization to maximize yield from the spend.
* Map market environment through time to time market research interventions and guide the team basis the respective analysis to optimize the results from S & M efforts.
Client Relationship Management -- (30%)
* Effectively achieve a 15% YOY increase in customer conversions via structuring the interface with customer pool through various direct and indirect means to understand their requirements and work with relationship teams regional sales teams to recommend solutions in line with organizational competencies.
* Build lasting customer relationships and guide teams on the sensitivities of pertaining to new customer relationships
* Understanding any customer concern areas and working with academics and relationship teams on identify areas improvement to sustain customer confidence in  brand.
* Work with center sales teams to fortify strategic account/corporate/RWA relationships by designing and implementing the gold plating strategy or handling such strategic accounts.
* Ensuring proper Management Controls are in place to track all outcomes on sales and marketing spends.
* Drive a culture of customer delight in the relationship teams aimed at providing the customer with the best USP based experience in every transaction handled by the them.

Work Relations:


* Reporting to CMD for all functional as well as admin issues.
* Interfacing with all service level heads, Center and zonal sales leads, relationship management team, and brand management team, based out of CO/ZO as well as other Centers/Schools.
* Interfacing with Academics management (Principals and coordinators), content management teams and center/Zonal Administration teams on service offerings and center specific elements elements.
* Interfacing with, SEO and internal/external web development teams of for all website and media management operational elements.
* Interfacing with Finance, Technology, HR for any people or any other operational issue/s.


* Interface with potential and existing customers.
* Interface with external vendors/ SEO operators/ Content management/Web management/ PR and Brand management agencies for all elements pertaining to the execution of the sales and marketing strategy.


* MBA/MS in marketing or sales/Marketing management as a full time engagement course.

Experience: 12-15 Yrs, primarily in Business Development, sales management and Brand Management in Education Space.

Expected Competencies:

Pioneering, Charm, Affability, Persuasiveness, Friendliness, Positiveness, Rapport, Communication, Activity, Restlessness, Alertness, Urgency, Ebullience, Animation, Flexibility, Persistence, Independence, Strong Will, Adventurousness, Boldness, Courage, Venturesome
Tangible, measurable results must be obtained despite opposition or resistance to their accomplishment. There is pressure to meet deadlines in an environment laced with a wide variety of problems and unexpected interruptions.

The Job Profile indicates that the job requirement is for a person who is inspirational, manipulative and has the drive to achieve. The job is likely to require that tangible, measurable results are to be obtained despite opposition or resistance to their accomplishment. There may be pressure to meet deadlines in an environment laced with a wide variety of problems and unexpected interruptions. Communication and people skills are also important aspects of the job. The person fulfilling this role should be self-starting, competitive, imaginative, direct, influential, persuasive and self-confident. Independence, mobility, activity, pace and authority are also factors which could be important to this position.

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