Chief Engineer - Maintenance

  • Ethiopia-Other
  • 25-30 lakh
  • 14-24 years
  • 24 Apr 2016

  • Production/ Manufacturing/ Engineering, Maintenance

  • Travel/ Tourism
Job Description

The Chief Engineer is responsible for providing the customer with a secure, comfortable environment by maintaining the hotels assets through ongoing preventive maintenance programs, and ensuring that all mechanical systems are operating in accordance with corporate policies and procedures, and according to local requirements and regulations. The job incumbent operates in line with hotel and corporate policies and guidelines, and the hotels business plan.



Maintains facilities and equipment by conducting inspections on a regular basis to determine need and extent of service, equipment required, type of operation, and maintenance needed
Develops and implements strategies to achieve goals for customer complaints per thousand rooms, and willingness to return

Ensures adherence to applicable laws by meeting with government and insurance inspectors, and performing follow-up as required

Communicates with department heads regarding engineering programmes as they pertain to the physical plant

Keeps all mechanical, electrical, and structural blueprints and diagrams up to date; maintains library of part lists, maintenance manuals, reference books, catalogues, etc.

Takes prompt corrective action as necessary

Ensures that the physical plant is operating in a safe, efficient, and orderly fashion by directing all phases of maintenance, repair and renovation

Determines if work should be done internally or through external contractors

Schedules employees in accordance with plan
Assigns work orders by priority, and delegates duties and supervises work

Schedules the appropriate preventive maintenance programme
Responds to guest complaints and department service requests

Maintains a supply of inventory necessary for optimal operating efficiency by initiating purchasing orders for maintenance supplies, machinery, equipment, parts and services as required

Achieves the best price and suitability of product by appropriately selecting from available contractors and vendors

Directs and aids in the replacement of systems that become inadequate or obsolete

Recommends, establishes, and maintains inventory level thresholds based on budget and availability of supplies

Reviews and approves invoices

Develops and promotes energy conservation programmes by continually monitoring utility costs and consumption

Maintains logs and journals for all utilities, reviews meter readings and regulates controls

Designs and supervises recycling programmes for aluminium, paper, plastic, glass, etc.

Prepares the operating budget for engineering, recommends items to be included in the hotels capital budget, and insures adherence with approved budget


Manages employees working for the engineering function, including contractors and hotel employees


Follows all applicable laws
Responsible Business: show involvement and be interested in environmental and/or social issues by participating in Responsible Business hotel and departmental activities


Screens, interviews and selects potential staff for the department
Develops and recommends appropriate training to meet guest and internal needs
Checks that own staff meets and exceeds expectations by training and encouraging staff to provide Yes I Can! service
Identifies training needs
Makes sure staff receives skills training to provide consistent, reliable service
Encourages, develops and manages effective employee relations throughout the hotel
Identifies employees with potential for promotion and/or transfer and makes appropriate development plans for him or her together with the Human Resources Manager
Works closely with the Human Resources Manager on the following Human Resources related tasks:
- Succession planning

Experience & Qualifications:
Candidate should have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering other related field. The candidate would require a minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar position, and in a hotel of a similar or larger size, due to the importance of the manning in that department in Lagos.
The candidate would require not only good Mechanical and Electrical knowledge and capabilities, but as well be well trained and confident on all life and safety element of the job, so that he can handle crisis professionally.
The candidate would require a healthy and fit physical condition, as the climate and the amount of stress endured in such a busy operation, is challenging. We need a resistant and mentally strong person, who can adapt to continuous overwhelming conditions, with unforeseen repairs and shutdowns.
The candidate requires a proven record for good leadership, with a doer and achiever's stamina and drive.
He must trust and delegate, keeping people motivated and not feeling constantly under negative pressure. The social and communication skill of that person will be tested in all instances, and need to bring some consistency and stability for a few years to the department.
The candidate require strong organizational skills, to ensure repairs and preventative maintenance in parallel over 3 shifts, beside all the administrative follow up and reporting that his GM, hotel Owners and HQ will expect. preventive maintenances programs
Able to prepare a budget and LRIP
holistic approach and long term planning
Multinational Experience
Previous Hotel experience essential
Previous experience as Hotel Chief engineer min 4 years
Solid background and knowledge of plumbing, preventing water leaks and further leaks, electrical installation, air condition, chillers, generators, energy and water saving initiatives.
Solid background and knowledge of BMS systems, fire alarm systems
Energy, water and natural resources saving focus and sound knowledge and track record.
Resourceful and craftsmans skills and knowledge, able to improvise to do the job with the little materials available to keep operation going an till spare parts arrive
Long term planning, to identify and make sure that most used spares are constantly available.
Handling and dealing with suppliers and contractors, the chief engineer should have some experience in a hardship destination.