CEO - Logistics & Distribution

  • lagos
  • Confidential
  • 15-24 years
  • 29 Jul 2016

  • Circulation/ Distribution, Logistics / Supply Chain Management, Senior Management-Operation

  • Logistics/ Courier/ Cargo/Transportation
Job Description

The Distribution and Logistics will address the needs of Industries such as Insurance, Banking, MFS, Telecoms and E-commerce. The Company is aiming to recruit from the market a CEO who will lead the design, launch and growth of this organisation. He will work closely with the management of the Board to define the strategy and approach to the market.

2.1 Governance

Responsible for facilitating Board with suitable materials and due diligence in a timely manner to enable long term strategic decision making
Works with Board to ensure contribution is generated, captured and implemented in the strategic direction of the organization
Helps Board articulate its own role, and that of its committees and individuals, effectively and helps evaluate performance

2.2 Strategy and planning

Supports Board with definition of vision, mission and values of the company, as well as short and long term goals
Helps Board monitor and evaluate company performance, effectiveness and going concern
Identifies critical problems and opportunities and bring them to the attention of the Board when appropriate
Informs Board about key trends and developments in the market place that may impact companys performance
Leads negotiations with key potential strategic and major product partners

2.3 Finance

Oversees fiscal activities of the organization, including budgeting, reporting and auditing
Oversees investment and CAPEX deployments, including acquisitions and major projects
Oversees business financial control and security

2.4 M&A

Responsible for commencing the acquisition process for suitable opportunities
Oversees key meetings during due diligence process
Oversees team and information flow to ensure any leakage is not harmful to Company
Provides input to the Board on ultimate acquisition recommendation
Oversees post-merger integration process to ensure that investment thesis value is realized

2.5 Legal and regulatory

Complies with laws of Nigeria and international community, as well as laws of any other countries to which company may expand
Assures all legal and regulatory document filing and publication

2.6 Operations

Provides central point of oversight for day-to-day functioning and performance of the business
Ensures alignment of business operations with company vision, mission and goals
Leads the setup of distribution channels & logistic operations
Leads the negotiation of major distribution and logistics agreements
Assures business continuity and security through development, monitoring and evaluation of appropriate systems, standards, controls and procedures
Recommends staffing of key executive management positions to the Board (CFO, COO and other C-suite), as well as oversees the end-to-end process of attracting highest possible quality talent

2.7 PR & Communications

Oversees the definition of company brand and marketing plan
Ensures public face of company is presented appropriately and troubleshoots any issues as they arise

2.8 Executive team development

Is responsible for the development of the executive team to continuously drive performance
Manages a clear succession plan that ensures that loss of any key executive in the business will not result in immediate material impact upon the business performance until a permanent replacement can be found
Ensures a collaborative and cooperative environment between the executive team that is beneficial to overall company performance.

Must be a high profile CEO from Logistics & Distribution Industry.

Age Max : 50 Years.