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Have you got all that you deserve in your career?

Executive Coaching ensures that you don't settle for anything less than the success you deserve. Discuss your career with your Coach in a personalized, one-on-one forum and use proven techniques to achieve your full potential.

  • Define your career goals sharply in your mind
  • Understand how to overcome challenges and drive results
  • Formulate a career roadmap to take you where you want to be
Be Noticed: 7-Step Approach INR 26000 * for 3 sessions

Learn what it takes to be noticed, stand apart and finally get your boss and colleagues to begin paying attention to you.

Job Search Roadmap INR 20000 * for 4 sessions

Aimed at helping active job seekers to develop the mind-set, tool-set and skill-set to define, strategise and realise their professional aspirations.

Master your Job Search INR 25000 * for 3 sessions

3 weeks of intensive preparation that gets your job search off to a strong start, empowering you and helping you to manage your job search with confidence.

Overcome your Career Impasse INR 16070 * for 3 sessions

An impasse is a situation where you are feeling stuck, vulnerable and perhaps sensing stagnation in your career.

Career Alignment Coaching INR 32000 * for 3 sessions

3 weeks of intensive coaching to help you rediscover yourself both professionally & personally.

Improve your Personal Brand by Managing Perceptions INR 26000 * for 3 sessions

Aimed at helping you enhance your Personal Brand by changing other’s perceptions of you.

Career Coaching INR * for 4 sessions

Your Coach acts as a sounding board, engaging with you to help you achieve your next career breakthrough in your current role and move towards your professional goals.

  Power Session available
Transition Coaching INR * for 4 sessions

When you are targeting a new job, your Coach helps you to evaluate options, troubleshoot issues and act definitively - providing exactly the support that you need.

  Power Session available

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Coaching Defined

  • Your personal career forum

    Coaching offers a fully personalized, one-on-one forum to discuss your unique career requirements – in complete confidence.

  • Your Coach is with you right through

    Your dedicated Coach is available to you from the first 'Zero Session' till the last session, for the entire engagement period.

  • You decide – and ACT

    A Coach helps you not only to analyse your career and take crucial career decisions, but also supports you while you act on it.

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