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Career Assessments

Play to your strengths using Career Assessments, career tools for making key decisions about your job search and professional growth.

Benefits of taking the Psychometric Career Assessment tests:

  • 360-degree view of your profile using a research-based scientific approach
  • Easy to use in the comfort of your home: complete the entire process online
  • These are Psychometric Assessments provided in partnership with leading companies
Plan personal development
SALT 8 (Sales Litmus 8 Behavioural Dimension Test) | INR 600*

SALT 8 (Sales Litmus Test) is based on the 'Five Factor Model' and has emerged as a robust model for organizations that recruit mid and senior sales professionals.

Compass Personality Dimension Test | INR 600*

COMPASS PD is based on Big Five personality traits that are basic domains or dimensions used to describe human personality, COMPASS PD is able to account for different traits in personality without overlapping.

Emotional intelligence Questionnaire | INR 2000*

Developed to measure your emotional competence at work. An accurate & objective tool to measure emotional intelligence and capability that helps you manage, communicate and lead more effectively.

Personal Profile Analysis | INR 2000*

Provides an overview of an individual's behavioral preferences at work. It highlights an individual's strengths and limitations, communication style and what motivates them.

Career Options Report | INR 1947*

The Harrison Assessment Career guide is a valuable tool for starting, changing or developing your career.

Career Development | INR 1832*

The Career Development report guides, a career seeker to a more satisfying career by identifying...

Your Greatest Strengths | INR 2176*

This assessment describes your greatest strengths. Some of the strengths described are paradoxical pairs of traits, where two strengths seem to be opposite or contradictory but in fact are complementary or synergistic.

Chally Online Assessment | INR 15000*

Chally’s unique methodology and predictive assessment tools, such as employment assessments and talent audit, based on proven actuarial science, leverage 140 validated competencies to predict performance of individuals in Sales, Leadership, and Key Professionals.

Anahat - Assessment | INR 5700*

The My Self Questionnaire produces a personalized report disclosing the user's strengths,career types they are suited to and practical development tips.

Include Debriefing: My Self Premium Report at INR 8100*

*All prices quoted include taxes

How it works

The test is conducted online and the report is emailed to you confidentially.

  • Step 1: Select from the Psychometric Tests you wish to take.
  • Step 2: Receive a link on your registered Email ID after making the payment.
  • Step 3: Click on the link to take the test.
  • Step 4: The detailed Report reaches you on Email.