Cultural Sensitivity - Malaysia

Cultural Sensitivity - Malaysia


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  • Description

    Going abroad? A little concerned about what the country has to offer? In this course, discover Malaysia's rich history, culture, economy and much more through our interactive storytelling technique and animations. Take a virtual tour of Malaysia, buy this course now!

  • Program Outline

    This e-learning course covers:

    • Introduction and basic country facts
    • The country’s history, culture and psyche
    • The business etiquettes that must be observed in that particular country


  • You can pace yourself and complete the course.

  • Target Audience

    This product suits travelers and working individuals visiting another country for personal or business purposes.

    • Exchange Students and students who wish to study abroad
    • Corporate or Government Employees
    • Tourists
    • Senior Management
    • Consulates
    • Employees in the Travel and Tourism Department
    • Corporates and Individuals who deal with citizens/clients/customers across the globe
    • Age and prior education is no bar.

  • Take Aways

    At the end of this e-learning course, you will be able to:

    • Understand the country’s culture and know what to expect
    • Conduct yourself appropriately
    • Develop a strong rapport with your hosts.


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