From Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Integration


There’s a new buzz making the rounds and it’s got people talking.  The focus is rapidly shifting from the concept of work-life balance to work-life integration.  This transition brings forth a whole new way of thinking and managing one’s life. In turn, you create smarter choices and faster momentum.  Read on to find out more:bigstock-Balance-44832658-300x199


  1. Manage a timeframe – not just time
    Doing more never felt so good! Once you swallow the idea that time is money, you will use each timeframe much more efficiently.  And that doesn’t just mean isolating one particular task during the day but integrating more within a singular timeframe so you’re accomplishing more at once; an example being a 30-Min Power Lunch or 30-Min Power Workout in the middle of your work day.  Not only will it give you renewed energy, you won’t have to create additional time at the beginning or end of your day to focus on Health.
  1. Go for a holistic approach
    While we keep hearing the word holistic all around us, what’s important is that we know how to use it. What it means is an understanding that we have various compartments in our life, each being equally important.  Instead of taking time out for individual areas separately such as work, health, leisure, etc., combine them so that they comprise a little bit of each other. Ideas include picking up a physical activity catering to your health that is also fun such as dancing or yoga.
  1. Be swift
    Moving swiftly and on schedule doesn’t mean you are running with your head cut off.  It means you have a stride in your strut, more alertness and energy in your approach and are able to manage your time and priorities without stress or worry.  This can be achieved by following #1 and #2 as stated above, which actually open up more of your day and free up your time.  This allows you to think clearly and stay focused.
  1. Choose well
    When we bring more of what we desire or want, by default, we eliminate and discard what we don’t want.  So fill your mind with good thoughts and enabling beliefs, create choices that serve you, spend your days doing more of what you love and make sure that each moment, you are enjoying the journey.
  1. Make each day count
    Waking up each day is a cause for celebration in itself.  Keep this thought close to your heart and be cognizant of the fact that as human beings, we get only one chance to live our life the way we want. We must accept this with gratitude and humbleness. It is our birthright to live it on our terms and make it count.

Integrating more life into your work will allow you to enjoy your day more. In 2015 may you create a good balance of inspiration & aspiration, achievement & fulfillment, success and happiness as well as passion, peace and spirit!

– Bina Jhaveri, Executive Coach

Bina Jhaveri has over 20 years of global professional experience, as reputed business consultant, an intuitive strategist, executive and spirit coach. She works with professionals from several corporates, forging unique partnerships, helping them attain and exceed their goals whilst generating path-breaking results within their lives. Bina is also a writer by passion, who writes for several lifestyle magazines & blogs.

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  1. Bina,
    Happy New Year to you.
    Some excellent thoughts, thanks for putting them together and sharing them.I especially liked your reference to making each day count, this is a very powerful thought, all of us are here for a short while ,what do we think the purpose of our life is and what legacy do we want to leave behind? Answers to these questions will help us create meaningful goals and charter our course in this exciting journey called life.

  2. Dear Padmanabhan,
    Thanks for your comments, I’m so delighted that you enjoyed the article. Indeed we are only here temporarily and we need to make each moment count.
    I’m glad you are conscious about this and making it happen for yourself.

    My best wishes to you in 2015!

  3. Hi Bina,
    The content is very good. Truly we get only one life and understanding that each day is a gift coming to us, we must make it count. I strongly believe in this. I would be glad to receive more of these contents regularly.
    wishing you all the very best in 2015

  4. Hi Bina
    It is a pleasure to read your updates and a privilege to know an individual like you, with a passion for life, coz it is my observation that, in every article of your’s, the essence is LIFE.


  5. Dear Shibu,

    Thank you for your comment, here’s wishing you a very happy 2015 as well! I’m glad you feel each day is a Blessing and make it count, may this year give you more opportunity and ability to do just that. Best, Bina

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