January 2012: What did they do differently?

I usually ask sucessfully placed candidates “What do you think that you said/did that was different?” One of the best insights that I’ve heard is this:

Build credibility and gain trust with the prospective employer.

To an extent, your qualifications, experience & expertise drive your credibility but they are only a part of the story. Here’s a quick round–up on some ways to communicate your credibility:

Be clear. Be consistent.

The key to gaining trust is clear & consistent information, preferably supported by facts, specifics and numbers. Keep this information the same in your resume, in your online profile and in the answers to interview questions. Your career goals and expectations in terms of salary and designation also need to be sharply defined, and once you have taken a position, it’s important to stay with it.

Check your motivation.

Employers need to know that you are motivated by more than just personal gain. When you demonstrate that you are looking not only at what you get out of the job, but also at how you can contribute to the organisation’s success, it signals that you are thinking from the organisation’s perspective and sets you apart. A tip: it can be useful to research the organisation/industry and have a few ideas on what you would do if you got the job.

Admit it. No-one’s perfect.

Many of us feel we need to know all the answers in an interview, but one candidate shared an interesting insight. It helps during an interview to balance your areas of strength with an admitted area of improvement. Honestly admitting to a weakness can give more credibility and make your strengths & expertise more believable.

Ready to get started? Review your profile to check the gaps, eliminate grey areas and ensure complete, consistent information. Log in right now and check!

Uday Sodhi

Chief Executive Officer | HeadHonchos



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