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Ever imagined what these famous characters’ resume might say about them? And then what kind of job they might find themselves in?

With over 10,000 people having used our Resume TagCloud – a free-to-use resume-scanning tool that helps you visualize how your resume comes across – we decided to see how the Resume TagCloud of some iconic characters would look!

Raj Malhotra – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge a.k.a Chief Strategist, CodeCupid.com

Raj Malhotra - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaenge a.k.a Chief Strategist, CodeCupid.comHis people skills, wit and charm, make Raj an ideal candidate for an influential strategy role that calls for PR. As he moves effortlessly between macro and micro analysis and from being a strategist to a tactician, he is a perfect fit for an internet start-up, especially if it can use his expertise in Relationship Management and forging strategic alliances!


Gabbar Singh – Sholay a.k.a National Sales Director, KitneAadmiThe.com


If he ever decides to quit his current job, Gabbar would make an excellent Sales Director. The man is a proficient orator, never misses a target, knows how to retain accounts by hook or by crook and could write the book on negotiating deals!


Sherlock Holmes – The Sherlock Holmes Series a.k.a Celebral Consultant, The Watson & Holmes Co. 


The eccentric genius of Sherlock could be best harnessed in a high profile Consultant role. His vast knowledge of big data & analytics and enviable skills in forensic analysis make him a natural for a knowledge industry.  Add to that a rare and exceptionally valuable reference from none other than the Queen of England as the perfect testimonial


Phunsukh Wangdu – 3 Idiots a.k.a CEO and Innovation Messiah, AalIzzWell.co.in


The inspiring maverick that is Phunsukh Wangdu will demand a career as unique as his personality. His knack for reverse engineering, insatiable curiosity and ability to ask unanswerable questions are the secret behind a string of patent-worthy discoveries that any tech company would pay top dollar for. Can also find his true calling in the Education vertical!


Tony Stark – The Avengers a.k.a Founder & Chief, Irony GreekGod Industries

IronManTagCloud (1)

Only the suave and charismatic Stark can pull off a resume as flamboyant as this. Partly because he has a personality to match, and partly because, you won’t exactly see him sitting for an interview in a company he likes. He would rather buy it.

So there we have it, 5 legendary characters and their Resumes as the Resume TagCloud would see them.

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