Four big trends based on HeadHonchos Hiring outlook 2014-15. Get a sense of where the job market is headed. 1. Hiring to look up in 2014-15; pick up expected from the first... Read more »
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About CRY Child Rights and You (CRY) is a non-profit organization in India that aims to restore children’s rights in India. We partner with grass-roots non-governmental organizations to uplift thousands of Indian children who are denied basic rights, working across levels from direct action to advocacy, mobilizing public opinion and policy change. Established in 1979,... Read more »
As April comes up, the annual check-up of your online profile is due! The start of a new year, when the achievements of the last year are fresh in your mind, is the perfect time to update and polish your profile. What’s more, if you have been putting off that much-needed profile check-up, we’re suggesting... Read more »
Epictetus, the Greek philosopher, believed in being different. He compared people who try to ‘fit in’ with the white threads of a toga, one among many, while he wanted to be the purple thread, “That small part which is bright and makes all the rest appear graceful and beautiful”. Being different allows you to stand... Read more »
With election season in full swing, what impact – if any –will the National Elections have on growth & hiring? We polled professionals to check the mood and ask if the Lok Sabha Elections will influence job market trends. A massive 87% of professionals believe that the elections scheduled this year will influence the job... Read more »
How you can make it easy for employers to shortlist you Just as the candidate deals with a high-pressure job search, an employer or recruitment consultant comes under pressure to find the right candidate from a virtual pile of applications – often within impossible deadlines! When a hiring team is going to give just a... Read more »
As a new career year comes up, it’s time to ask yourself how 2013-14 played out for you. Tell us whether you are celebrating last year or waiting impatiently for the new one. Vote... Read more »
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