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Super-charge your Job Search!

In Senior Job Search by Rahul Malhotra2 Comments

Whatever is driving your job search – a larger designation, a role with a prestigious employer or a quantum jump in your salary – these winning tips are bound to help. Here’s our vote for the best tips to super-charge your job search! The Perfect Profile Is a Myth Usually, a recruitment consultant is looking for five or six relevant …

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Make a Good Call

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Your checklist on how to handle Telephone Interviews Despite online calls and video chats, the good old “Telephonic Interview” has not lost its sheen. It still remains an inexpensive method for judging behavioral or cultural fit; forming the backbone of a simple ‘informal chat’ for a senior position. The starting point for a dialogue with a prospective employer, it is …

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An Elevator Pitch- A Good Investment

In Career Management by Charu SethiLeave a Comment

“Hi John! It’s so good to see you after so many years”, John turns back to see the CEO of his last organization warmly smiling. “Hello Susan! What a pleasant surprise to see you at the airport” responds John. “So, what have you been up to these days? Heard you joined Microsoft; what exactly is your new role about?” John …

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Trick your way out of trick interview questions

In Interviews by Rahul Malhotra5 Comments

“If a well is 11 feet deep and a frog, stuck at the bottom of the well, can leap only three feet at a time, but slides back a foot with every leap, how many leaps would it take to come out of the well?” That’s a question you are asked in the final round of your interview in the …

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Trade-off Time

In Life@Work by Sandeep VadnereLeave a Comment

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” These famous words of singer John Lennon echo the sentiments of today’s busy professionals. Life does not stop for you to finish that one crucial meeting, client call, or industry training session. As we juggle personal time and professional priorities, struggle with 24/7 connectivity and check emails on …

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Ace the Exit Interview

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Finally, you are standing on the brink of a job that will take your career to the next level. You have successfully served your notice period, completed all pending assignments, given the handover and signed all relevant papers. That is when you get summoned to the HR office for an exit interview. And you start wondering what to say and …